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    Keep Your Round Rock Pool Sparkling Year-Round with Aruba Pools

    Aruba Pools is your one-stop shop for pool maintenance and repair in Round Rock, TX, and surrounding areas, including Austin, Cedar Park, and Georgetown. We offer a full suite of services to keep your pool sparkling clean and functioning flawlessly so you can focus on enjoying summer fun!

    Weekly Pool Maintenance Keeps Your Oasis Pristine

    Our certified pool technicians provide routine maintenance to ensure your pool stays crystal clear and healthy. Our comprehensive weekly service includes:

    • Skimming, Cleaning, & Vacuuming: Removing leaves, debris, and dirt from the surface and bottom of your pool.
    • Filter Inspection & Cleaning: Ensuring proper filtration for sparkling water.
    • PH Level Balancing & Chemical Adjustments: Maintaining proper chemical balance for swimmer safety and equipment protection.
    • Shock Treatment: Preventing algae growth and keeping your pool water sanitized.
    • Pool Equipment Check: Identify potential pump, filter, and heater issues.

    Don't Let Pool Problems Put a Damper on Your Fun

    We understand that even the most well-maintained pools can encounter issues. Our experienced technicians are equipped to handle a wide range of repairs, including:

    • Pool Plastering & Coping Stone: Repairing cracks, leaks, and damaged surfaces.
    • Pool Equipment Repair & Installation: Fixing or replacing pumps, filters, heaters, and other pool equipment, including heaters, wifi controls, and plumbing.

    Preventative Maintenance & One-Time Cleaning

    In addition to our weekly service, we offer one-time cleaning services to prepare your pool for the season or address specific issues. We also recommend preventative maintenance measures like filter cleanings and equipment checks to avoid costly repairs down the road.

    Local Expertise You Can Trust

    Aruba Pools is a locally owned and operated company serving Round Rock and surrounding areas for over 13 years. We are insured and employ background-checked, certified pool operators (CPOs) who take pride in providing exceptional service.

    Contact Aruba Pools Today!

    Let us take the stress out of pool maintenance and repairs. Contact Aruba Pools for a free quote and experience the difference our dedication can make. We look forward to keeping your Round Rock pool sparkling all season long!